What can you do to help? --It begins with

becoming a volunteer!


Here is what Bold Visions Conservation is looking for:


We need attorneys! We need them to work on comments, to work on specific issues like Travel Management, off-road vehicles and specific wildlife and wilderness issues!


We want interns that we can help to gain insight into conservation and move them towards a positive and well informed future!


Be prepared to be pushed and you must have heart and dedication!


We need people to help lead hikes and help with our camping trips!


We will need your help on specific events we



We need help with children and getting them out and working with them on the idea of conservation and the outdoors!


We need help with research on crucial conservation issues. We cover a broad spectrum and your help with research would be invaluable!

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We need help in signing up businesses across the state to support our efforts on protecting areas like Otero Mesa and wildlife like wolves!


We need writers, artists and photographers to keep our art focus moving forward!

If you know a venue where we can make a presentation and introduce our organization, please let us know!


We need people who will study websites and media to bring stories to our membership that reflect our broad mission!

Do you dive? Share your experiences and keep us informed on your trips, they relate directly to ocean wilderness!


Finally, we need help in spreading the word and letting people know there is a new and devoted conservation group in town, one that is unique, multifaceted and prepared to work hard for your investment.

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